My new camera

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I went to a second hand market in Barcelona to see if we could find a nice film camera to add to our collection, which is getting pretty big by now.

We saw lots of them. And the one that caught our attention was a tiny old and in excellent condition Olympus-Pen. I really don’t know how old this camera is (20 years old? 30? Who knows). But it looks as if it was new. And it works. And the funny thing is that again, it had a film roll inside that I will develop one of these days to see what images it hides. It is the second time that I buy a second hand camera that still has a film roll inside.

Anyway, we are just testing the camera and shooting our first roll. You can get 72 images out of a 36 exposure film roll due to the fact that it only uses half the frame every time you shoot. That’s funny. I really didn’t have any idea about this kind of “compact” film cameras.

It will probably takes us ages to finish a 36 exposure film, but as soon as it gets developed, I will post some of the images here.

The camera looks beautiful. I’m shooting the first roll of film and everything seems to be working perfectly.

  1. Jeeheon said:

    very cool, id love to pick up a cheap rangefinder one of these days. very cool shots of the camera itself as well! what did you shoot it with?

    • Hey Jeeheon,

      This camera was pretty cheap. I paid for it only 25 euros (about 35 US dollars).

      Do you know the Yashica 35 CC? or the Yashica 35 GTN or any Yashica 35? Those are some pretty nice rangefinder cameras and you can find them quite cheap on eBay. I bought a Yashica 35 GT some time ago for just 3 dollars and it works great. I will post some images from the Yashica soon.

      About the pictures on this post, I used a Canon 5D Mark II and the 100mm macro lens.

      • Jeeheon said:

        thanks for the info. looked at your flickr, great shots in there. i absolutely love the style of your portraits.

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