That november shooting started it all

When I look back at all the shootings I have done so far, this is one of my favorites. And it will always be. I think it was thanks to this shooting that I really discovered the kind of pictures I wanted to take. They might not look that great now, but three years ago, I just couldn’t stop staring at these images. I was really proud of the job we all did and I’m still very proud. We really nailed that “movie” look we were after.

I was lucky enough to work with great models Anna Alamo and Kimberley Tell. My girlfriend (best assistant in the world) worked some magic with the make-up and the models’ hair styles and I just discovered how wonderful was to shoot with the 50mm lens.

We did the shooting in november 2008 and the weather was so cold. We are pretty lucky we didn’t catch a cold that day.


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