Paperways Desk Notepad

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I spent a great afternoon walking on the streets of Barcelona. I don’t really like Barcelona as a city (I was born and live in a very small town), but it has some great stores where I feel like a child again.

We visited the Lomography store to get some 120 film developed, we bought some new film for our huge collection of film cameras and we bought also some adhesive things to stick Fuji Instax shots on an album. I think it will look great once Ivette creates the album.

Then it was time to check bookstores. I go really crazy in bookstores and I could spent hours and hours looking at books of any kind, specially those about photography, design, architecture, history… any kind.

We went to a bookstore we hadn’t been before and that is close to Plaça Sant Jaume. There Ivette bought a kit to build your own pinhole camera and I bought a Paperways desk notepad.

I love all Moleskine products. Really. I f***ing love them! I could spent the whole day writing on Moleskine notepads and drawing on their sketchbooks. They are simply perfect.

But yesterday I discovered a new brand of notebooks and notepads and it looks amazing. It is called Paperways. I wanted to buy them all, all the notepads there were at the store but I thought I should try one first and then buy more. It costed me around 10 euros and it is a notepad with a grid and red crosses that can be used for design purposes, as a schedule, a calendar and almost anything you can think of about drawing, designing or planning.

As far as a I know, Paperways is part of a South Korean company called Pansydaisy created in 2003 and focused on creating new trends in the Korean stationery market. Their planner series as Magic Soup Diary is one of the bestsellers among Korean girls. Since the first global introduction at Birmingham Spring Fair in 2008, their products have been introduced to Europe, America and Asia.

These notepads are so beautiful you feel you have to have them all. They are like… my precioussss, my treasureeeeessss. Pathetic, I know.

Unfortunately, the Pansydaisy online store is only available (at the moment, I hope) in South Korea. If you want to buy Paperways products you have to go to a store like I did. And you should, believe. These products are made in heaven.

If you know of an online store that sells Pansydaisy or Paperways notepads and you want to share it here, feel free to do it.

For more info on Paperways products and Pansydaisy, check their official website here.

    • Thanks for the info Debbie! It is really appreciated. Those Paperways products are pretty sensational and very useful, at least in my workflow.

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