People I would love to photograph: Eva Green

If I could only shoot one woman in my photography life, one and only one (girlfriends don’t count), that would have to be Eva Green.

She was the perfect Bond girl ever to be in a Bond movie when she starred with Daniel Craig (the perfect Bond ever!) in Casino Royale. The train scene when Vesper Lynd and Bond meet for the first time is just… out of this world.

You can’t look into the eyes of Eva Green aka Vesper Lynd and not fall in love with that look she gives you back. It’s not how wonderful her eyes are -they are, that is for sure- but how she looks at the camera and what she tells you without a single word. Her way of looking at you and her eyes have a strange yet beautiful mix of sadness and happiness that just captivates me in a way no other actress has ever captivated me.

Like I said… If I could only photography one person and then I had to stop using any kind of cameras… I would do a shooting with Eva Green. I wouldn’t hesitate at all.

And… well… If I could have Daniel Craig in the shooting also… that would be just plain awesome. Yep.

I would love to give credit to these pictures but I really don’t know who took them and who is the owner. I tried to find out but there was no way to know. Anyway, the images are Copyright (C) of their respective owners. Like with Clive Owen’s post, I had nothing to do with the shootings or pictures used in this post… unfortunately.

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