People I would love to photograph: Ryan Gosling

Born November 12, 1980, Ryan Thomas Gosling is a Canadian actor. And I’m afraid you can’t get cooler than this guy. I haven’t seen many movies starring him but some of the most popular would have to be “Half Nelson” and “Lars and the Real Girl”.

I thought he was a good actor until I saw the trailer of his newest movie, “Drive”. Now I’m sure he’s going to be the next big thing, the actor of the moment and the one all directors want on their movies and one of the actors I would really really love to work with on a big shooting or just have him for half an hour and take some portraits of him.

He’s handsome and looks great in front of the camera, but again, what interests me of this young actor is that look he has. Like Clive Owen, you never know if this guy is going to shake your hand or just kick your face and send your head miles away. That makes an image ten times more interesting.

All images on this post are screen captures from the “Drive” trailer, one of Ryan Gosling’s latest movies and that means they are heavily Copyrighted by their respective authors.

Links that might interest you.

“Drive” trailer on Apple Trailers Site

Official website of the Drive movie


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