Holga 120 CFN images

Last year I got an Holga 120 CFN medium film camera. I shot a roll with it and the results were not that good. I shot another roll and I developed it a few days ago. I live quite far from any photography shop that can develop 120 film rolls, so it takes some time for me to shoot and work with this medium format system.

I didn’t do any edit or retouching work on these images. They are like I got them from the shop. I got the film developed and the images scanned on a CD. I guess they did some tweaking at the shop when they scanned the photos, but that was all this time.

I really felt like working on the pics with Photoshop, but then I thought it didn’t make much sense. If I wanted to work with images on Photoshop then why not shoot with the 5D and RAW files? If you shoot film, there shouldn’t be any need for much digital modification.

If I’m not mistaken, the film I used on these shots was a Kodak Portra 400NC.

All images on this post are © Copyright of Calvin Dexter. Please do not steal them. If you want to use them in your blog or for anything in particular (non commercial uses), please ask me first.

  1. shoutandrew said:

    Nice shots, Calvin!
    Yeah, Holgas are great. It’s the imperfections that make them special. (when those imperfections aren’t tuining the shot, that is!)

  2. shoutandrew said:

    oops, spelling- ruining, not tuining

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