People I would love to photograph: Anne Hathaway

Just a few days ago I was saying how much I would love to photograph Eva Green. Actually, I said that If I could only photograph one person in the world, that would have to be actress Eva.

Well, If I had to choose between Eva Green and Anne Hathaway… that would be a big problem for me. As much as I like Eva I like Anne and I’m sure that working with Anne has to be simply amazing. She has a smile that I’m sure can melt your camera in a matter of seconds. And again, that look and those eyes can capture too much magic.

I hope I never have to decide between Eva Green and Anne Hathaway.

The image of Anne Hathaway used in this post is Copyright of photographer Mario Testino. You can see some of this photographer’s amazing works in his official website.

  1. Guille said:

    Paio… Eva, Anne… Y yo te sumo a Miranda Kerr…

    Genial dilema. Ojalá te encuentres en ese callejón.

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