People I’d love to photograph: Joel Kinnaman

Look at this guy. How on earth wouldn’t you want to do a photo shooting with him? He’s got attitude, he’s got the looks and he’s that kind of person that intimidates you with just staring at you. He’s perfect to be in front of a camera.

I would really love to work with Joel Kinnaman. Seriously. I’m sure it would be a day to remember, a day in which you really love your job, you have a great time and when you check the work done, you think you won’t be able to top that for a long time.

I had seen Joel Kinnaman in some pictures by Kalle Gustafsson, one of my favorites photographers of all time, but thought he was just another model. How wrong I was.

These two images are the work and copyright of Kalle Gustafsson, a photographer you shouldn’t miss if you like good photography.

Just a few weeks ago I started watching the stunning tv series “The Killing” and then I realized how strong Joel Kinnaman’s presence can be. He’s that kind of actor that fills the screen and that eats his partners alive. When he’s on the tv, you can’t look away. You watch him move, talk and just walk and then you just thank god he decided to be an actor.

Joel is a great actor and I really hope he works non stop and makes lots of movies and tv series. And I hope I do get to work with him someday.

If you are interested in the works of photographer Kalle Gusftafsson (you should!), then do not miss his official website, which is full of truly amazing images.

You can get more info on Joel Kinnaman over at IMDB.

All the images on this post are Copyright of their respective authors. I do not own any of them.


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