Sketching, drawing and entering the 3D world cautiously

I have always had a passion for 3D art. I would love to be able to create 3D models and paint them and use them in different design projects.

I really envy the guys who get a life by creating characters for videogames or CG monsters for Hollywood.

Just a few days ago I was looking at some 3D art and found myself reading about some software called Sculptris, from a company called Pixologic, the creators of the famous ZBrush.

To my surprise, Sculptris is an amazing 3D sculpting program that it couldn’t be easier to use. And is totally FREE.

I downloaded it, played with it and fell in love with it. I have used it so far just a couple of hours, but I plan to use it for a long time until I learn to model and sculpture in 3D correctly.

I decided to post some images of the first thing I sculptured: a man’s head. I uploaded some of my recent drawings, sketches and vectors works also, just so the post wouldn’t look so empty.

If you are into sculpture and want to play with it with the computer, Sculptris is for you. Download it from Pixologic’s site.

    • Bazak! Has provat el programa aquest Sculptris? És per flipar… El pots descarregar gratuitament de la web de la gent de Pixologic, els que han creat també el ZBrush.

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