Color I love: The Script’s For The First Time music video

Have you seen The Script’s “For the first time” music video? Well, you should then, because it has a beautiful color that I’ve been trying to emulate in my pictures for months with yet no success.

Lovely colors, wonderful light… This music video has it all.

I have seen “For the first time” music video, directed by Charles Mehling, a thousand times and still don’t get that analogue and retro/vintage feel the video oozes. How on earth Charles Mehling or the editors got it? I don’t know, but I will find out.

Look at those wonderful color leaks on the left.

The quality of the saturation and blur effects are simply top-notch.

I have no idea whether the video was shot using digital or film cameras. But what I do know is that it looks absolutely beautiful. I’m talking about the “story” scenes the video has, of course.

They show a strong desaturation, some blurring and some color leaks here and there. There seems to be a big presence of yellow and green color also, which creates an excellent balance between warm and cold colors that I really want to get. I think it’s the first time that I see warm and cold colors working so well together in the same image.

If this isn’t a perfect balance between warm and cold colors, then nothing is.

The light is also beautiful. Take a good look at the end of the video, when the guy arrives home and the girl is waiting at the stairs. Look at that light. Don’t you think it’s gorgeous? Fuck yeah it is.

I’m absolutely in love with the light used at the end of the music video, the one shown on the scene where the girl is sitting on the stairs.

You can see more of Charles Mehling’s works over at the Bikini Films company site.

And now, If you haven’t yet, please watch The Script’s “For the first time” music video in HD glory:


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