The way to edit: listen to Eric Hutchinson

I have been asked many times how do I edit my images. I’m not showing off. It is true that from time to time I get some emails from people I don’t know asking me about the tools I use to edit my pictures.

I don’t mind to share some of my tricks and techniques, but there is no way I will share all my secrets about editing. I think we all have to keep something for ourselves so our images with have that personal touch.

Today I was editing an image from a recent shooting. And I was listening to one of my favorite singers: Eric Hutchinson.

This guy is awesome. Not only does he sing great, but he seems like a really nice guy. I love his music and every time I listen to his songs, I know the work I’m doing will look nice.

So there goes one of my secrets for editing. Listen to some cool music. Music that can really inspire you and make you wanna create something really worth watching. Eric Hutchinson inspires me and pushes me to become a better photographer and retoucher.

This is the image I have been working on the whole afternoon.

And this is Eric Hutchinson’s new song that I have been listening over and over again for the whole day. I just love it. I wouldn’t have done a good work if it wasn’t for this guy.

Get to know great Eric Hutchinson better over at his OFFICIAL WEBSITE.


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