Keep on editing

Another image from my latest shooting. This picture took me a lot of time to process. The colors were already nice in the original RAW file and I didn’t want to “hide” that in the final image, so it took me a while to edit the file and preserve the original features at the same time.

Actually, when I look at it I feel this image doesn’t belong to my “portfolio” for not being too much edited. But it is indeed. It’s just that I edited in a way so the editing wasn’t so evident.

When I do this, it always makes me think about the movie Forrest Gump by Robert Zemeckis. It contains lots of special effects, but they are a part of the story and not so evident, but they are there, for sure. Sometimes, I try to do that with my images.

This image on this post has lots of layers of work, but I think they are, in a way, hiding behind the image as a whole.

I shouldn’t need to say this, but the image on this post is Copyright of Calvin Dexter and if you use it without my permission I will kick your fat ass.


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