Not in L.A.

I really wish I could get on a plane and fly to California to take some pics there. But I can’t, for now.

In the meantime, I go to the Mediterranean coast, just next to Barcelona, and I work there trying to get a nice light and a nice summer feeling.

All images on this post are © Copyright of Calvin Dexter. 

  1. I wish I could photograph in Barcelona. Let’s trade locations for a few says. Too much city here in LA, not enough history and nature.

    • Shelly,

      That sounds excellent to me. We should definitely trade places for a few days. 🙂 If you are looking for nature and history, we’ve got plenty of that around here… and I’m dying to shoot on the streets of LA. Wish it was that easy to trade places…

      • I’ve been to Madrid. Beautiful place. Someday I hope to see Barcelona. Guess its true what they say, so use to your own environment that you cant find anything to shoot.

      • I agree with you Shelly. Sometimes I go for a walk with my camera and see places and things I had never seen before… and I’ve been living in the same place for some years now. If you enjoyed Madrid, you would like Barcelona.

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