People I’d love to photograph: FUN (music band)

FUN is and american indie pop rock band based in New York and formed by Nate Ruess (lead vocals), Andrew Dost (vocals, piano, guitars and keyboards among others) and Jack Antonoff (guitars and trumpet).

They are cool, extremely cool and their music is so fresh and great that you hate yourself for not having listened to these guys for the last year over and over again.

Well, I have. When I listened to FUN some months ago I couldn’t stop listening to their album “Aim and Ignite”, specially the song “Walking the Dog”. I love that song and the music video they did for it. You should watch it right now if you haven’t already.

Next year, on February 21st they will release their new album called “Some Nights” and I really can’t wait. You can listen to a song from that album called “One Foot” already on their Facebook Page.

But if you really want to fall in love with these guys, please do not miss the song they sing along with Janelle Monáe called “We Are Young”. Listen to the acoustic version and you will be amazed. And you might ended up like me, listening the same song the whole day. I’m serious. I have listened to this song more than 70 times already today. And I actually found out about the song today. Nate Ruess is just out of this world in this song and Janelle is stunning next to Nate.

Do you see now why I would love to work with these guys and do a photo shooting with them? Just look at them… they look like really nice people and it must be really fun to work with them. I can see the images we would get. They would be so cool and fresh. I hate myself for not living in New York and not knowing personally Nate, Andrew and Jack.

As I usually say, who knows… maybe someday I have them in front of my camera getting ready for a fun photo shooting.

Now do yourself a favor and listen to these two songs:

Warning: If you listen to the song on this next clip you will fall in love with it and you won’t be able to stop listening to it. You have been warned!

More info on FUN music band:

 Fun Official website

 Facebook Page

All the images on this post were taken from Fun. Facebook Page and from their music videos, so they are Copyright of their respective authors. I wish I was the author of all this images but I’m not.

  1. Courtney said:

    1st photograph on this site is by Shane Timm of Shane Timm Photography. Find him on Facebook or tumblr “Singing Stills”!!!!!!

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