New old camera

Last Xmas my girlfriend’s parents gave us a new (very old) camera as a present. Yes, our collection of new and old cameras is getting huge. I really don’t even know how many cameras we own now. From digital to polaroids and different kinds of film equipment.

I haven’t tried the camera but it seems to be fully working. I still have a 100 hundred year old camera to test, so I don’t think I will be playing with this new camera any time soon. But be sure I will post the pictures I take with it once I used it.

A couple of pictures from our new family member.


Images used on this post are copyright of Calvin Dexter. In case you want to use them, please ask me first.

  1. Jim said:

    Is this a plate camera?

    • Hey Jim,

      Yes, it is a plate camera. I’m not sure how old it is and haven’t tried the camera yet. But as soon as I find some plate, I will take a couple of images with it.

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