Website recommendation: Burn My Eye

I was reading today this article from the website about all things photography and digital gadgets QUESABESDE. They publish these kind of articles every thursday and it consists of a picture and a text from the photographer who took the picture explaining everything about the image.

They are usually pretty interesting. The images feature in today’s article really caught my attention. It is from photographer Justin Sainsbury and it was taken with a Canon 5D.

Justin Sainsbury is part of an international collective named “Burn My Eye” that aims to show the extraordinary within the ordinary using candid photography. And they do it, for sure.

If you like street photography, do not miss what the people at Burn My Eye are doing. Be sure to check their “Developments” section. It’s really interesting and they have a cool article about why gasoline stations allure so many photographers.

Burn My Eye Official Site.


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