Hot and cold, water and ice

Some months ago I did a shooting with a model from Belgium in this lovely place that is just 10 minutes from my house. There is a wonderful waterfall and a small lake and it is a really nice scenario to do a fashion shooting.

So, we did indeed a fashion shooting there. It was an editorial for a swimsuit magazine from Belgium. It was great, even though we had some rain at the end of the shooting. Here’s a sample photo of that day.

Anyway, these last days it’s been pretty cold in my town so we went to this waterfall place again, my girlfriend and I, just to see how were things. And everything was absolutely frozen. To be sincere, I prefer to shoot in the summer…

Images on this post are copyright of Calvin Dexter. Use them without asking me first and I will kick your ass.


  1. Cassie said:

    This is crazy. I love the small differences (obviously, the frozen waterfall).

  2. Great shots, I enjoyed the contrast between the seasons. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I edited the pictures to give them a little of that “retro” look that seems to be so cool now… but the original images showed really different colors between the to photos. The summer shot has this wonderful green and yellow colors while the winter shot is all blue and dark.

  4. fun said:

    this is great , and its only 10 min, from your place? you must have great romantic picnics there:D

    • It is just 10 minutes from my place… the problem is that it is quite hard to get here.

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