New book: The Great Life Photographers

I went to a bookstore last saturday and I headed to the photography section. I always do the same. I always visit bookstores because I love to be there, surrounded by books. Just stay there. I don’t even have to buy anything to be happy and I wasn’t planning on buying a thing the other day.

But then, then I saw this small but thick book called The Great Life Photographers (Life Los Grandes Fotógrafos, in Spanish) and I grabbed it. It wasn’t really expensive, 25 euros. Photography books tend to be a bit expensive, you know it. So it took me about 3 second to decide whether I was buying the book or not.

To tell you the truth, I still don’t know whether the book is good or a piece of crap. I’m sure it’s awesome, but I will not know until I unwrap it. Sounds crazy, I know, but I never unwrap a new book until I’m 100% sure that I will have enough time to read it or watch carefully. The thing is that I enjoy watching and reading photography books very much and I never unwrap a book just to take a look and leave it on the shelf for weeks or months until I pick it up again.

That translates into having lots of unwrapped photography books on the shelf but also lots of brand new great books like William Klein’s Retrospective, a couple of Robert Capa’s books, War is Personal by Eugene Richards and The Americans by Robert Frank, among many others. I’m sure I will soon find the right time to read all these wonderful books.

Images used on this post are copyright of Calvin Dexter. Ask me first if you want to use them in any way.


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