New professional adventure: working at the “Cómo la hice” photography blog

Today is my first day working for the photography blog “Cómo la hice“. I’m the new coordinator and I’m also an editor for the blog. That means I select and decide what images get published on the site.

This blog is about photography and about the photographers explaining how they take their pictures. It is a cool place to see some nice images and learn some new techniques and tricks from the photographers themselves. You shouldn’t miss it.

Today’s article features a picture I really wanted to publish by Mikko Lagerstedt. This young photographer from Finland is able to capture stunning and weird beauty in such desolated and minimalistic places that sometimes you can’t avoid wondering whether it is real or not what you’re seeing.

We publish at least a picture a day in “Cómo la hice”. Be sure to come often to see some cool and interesting shots along with some interesting explanations by the authors. And if you’re a photographer yourself and you think you should be published in our blog, do not hesitate to send us your images along with your text.

Although the blog is in Spanish language, you can send your text in English and we will translate them to Spanish. No problem about that.


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