Sak Noel’s new music video shooting

Today has been a good day. Busy, but good nonetheless. It was actually great now that I think about it.

A few days ago my friend Dani Feixas (movie maker) called me to tell me he was the director of the new music video of world renowned DJ Sak Noel. He had already directed the previous music video of Noel and he was in charge of the new one also.

He called to tell me they needed a photographer on the set and just to see if I was interested in working with them. Sure! I love music and I love taking pictures and I love being on the set of short movies, movies, documentaries and anything movie related that might be interesting to photograph.

It was so much fun to document today’s shooting. I don’t want to spoil anything or talk to much about everything that will appear on the video, but it all starts on what seems a late night TV show like the Conan O’Brian or Jay Leno shows.

The funny thing is that one of the actors couldn’t make it at the shooting today and I ended up acting on the video too! I’m not an actor, I’m just the guy at the back with a camera in his hands, but man, acting was fun today.

I’m not sure when the video is going to be released but I’m pretty sure it’ll be a big success. Until then, here is a photo from the shooting that I took.


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