Today has been a good day. Busy, but good nonetheless. It was actually great now that I think about it.

A few days ago my friend Dani Feixas (movie maker) called me to tell me he was the director of the new music video of world renowned DJ Sak Noel. He had already directed the previous music video of Noel and he was in charge of the new one also.

He called to tell me they needed a photographer on the set and just to see if I was interested in working with them. Sure! I love music and I love taking pictures and I love being on the set of short movies, movies, documentaries and anything movie related that might be interesting to photograph.

It was so much fun to document today’s shooting. I don’t want to spoil anything or talk to much about everything that will appear on the video, but it all starts on what seems a late night TV show like the Conan O’Brian or Jay Leno shows.

The funny thing is that one of the actors couldn’t make it at the shooting today and I ended up acting on the video too! I’m not an actor, I’m just the guy at the back with a camera in his hands, but man, acting was fun today.

I’m not sure when the video is going to be released but I’m pretty sure it’ll be a big success. Until then, here is a photo from the shooting that I took.

Have you seen this new TV series Sherlock? Well, you should. It is a modern update of the famous character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and it’s just plain brilliant.

There are two seasons and each season has only three episodes. It’s a pity, but every episode has a running time of about an hour and a half and believe me, they are absolutely out of this world. And hopefully, we will have more episodes and season in the following months.

This is with no doubt one of the best written series I’ve seen in a long time. Its perfectly paced, witty, it has a great story in every single episode and it’s just a joy to watch. Pure smart entertainment.

And one of the reasons that makes this show work so well are the guys playing Sherlock and Watson, that is, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman respectively.

I knew Martin Freeman from movies like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and I liked him. He’s starring in the new Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, so I guess he’ll became a little more famous pretty soon.

But Benedict Cumberbatch. Oh boy, I didn’t know about this actor and what an actor. He’s just perfect playing Sherlock and he has everything for the role. When you see him playing the famous character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, you really can’t imagine anybody else playing the role. He nails it.

Having said that, he is that kind of person I would like to have in front of my camera, even if it was just for half an hour. Man, those would be 30 minutes to remember.

Benedict Cumberbatch is definitely a person I would love to photograph.

The image used to illustrate this post is (c) Hartswood Films/BBC for MASTERPIECE. I wish it was mine, but it is not.

FUN is and american indie pop rock band based in New York and formed by Nate Ruess (lead vocals), Andrew Dost (vocals, piano, guitars and keyboards among others) and Jack Antonoff (guitars and trumpet).

They are cool, extremely cool and their music is so fresh and great that you hate yourself for not having listened to these guys for the last year over and over again.

Well, I have. When I listened to FUN some months ago I couldn’t stop listening to their album “Aim and Ignite”, specially the song “Walking the Dog”. I love that song and the music video they did for it. You should watch it right now if you haven’t already.

Next year, on February 21st they will release their new album called “Some Nights” and I really can’t wait. You can listen to a song from that album called “One Foot” already on their Facebook Page.

But if you really want to fall in love with these guys, please do not miss the song they sing along with Janelle Monáe called “We Are Young”. Listen to the acoustic version and you will be amazed. And you might ended up like me, listening the same song the whole day. I’m serious. I have listened to this song more than 70 times already today. And I actually found out about the song today. Nate Ruess is just out of this world in this song and Janelle is stunning next to Nate.

Do you see now why I would love to work with these guys and do a photo shooting with them? Just look at them… they look like really nice people and it must be really fun to work with them. I can see the images we would get. They would be so cool and fresh. I hate myself for not living in New York and not knowing personally Nate, Andrew and Jack.

As I usually say, who knows… maybe someday I have them in front of my camera getting ready for a fun photo shooting.

Now do yourself a favor and listen to these two songs:

Warning: If you listen to the song on this next clip you will fall in love with it and you won’t be able to stop listening to it. You have been warned!

More info on FUN music band:

 Fun Official website

 Facebook Page

All the images on this post were taken from Fun. Facebook Page and from their music videos, so they are Copyright of their respective authors. I wish I was the author of all this images but I’m not.

I have been asked many times how do I edit my images. I’m not showing off. It is true that from time to time I get some emails from people I don’t know asking me about the tools I use to edit my pictures.

I don’t mind to share some of my tricks and techniques, but there is no way I will share all my secrets about editing. I think we all have to keep something for ourselves so our images with have that personal touch.

Today I was editing an image from a recent shooting. And I was listening to one of my favorite singers: Eric Hutchinson.

This guy is awesome. Not only does he sing great, but he seems like a really nice guy. I love his music and every time I listen to his songs, I know the work I’m doing will look nice.

So there goes one of my secrets for editing. Listen to some cool music. Music that can really inspire you and make you wanna create something really worth watching. Eric Hutchinson inspires me and pushes me to become a better photographer and retoucher.

This is the image I have been working on the whole afternoon.

And this is Eric Hutchinson’s new song that I have been listening over and over again for the whole day. I just love it. I wouldn’t have done a good work if it wasn’t for this guy.

Get to know great Eric Hutchinson better over at his OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

Look at this guy. How on earth wouldn’t you want to do a photo shooting with him? He’s got attitude, he’s got the looks and he’s that kind of person that intimidates you with just staring at you. He’s perfect to be in front of a camera.

I would really love to work with Joel Kinnaman. Seriously. I’m sure it would be a day to remember, a day in which you really love your job, you have a great time and when you check the work done, you think you won’t be able to top that for a long time.

I had seen Joel Kinnaman in some pictures by Kalle Gustafsson, one of my favorites photographers of all time, but thought he was just another model. How wrong I was.

These two images are the work and copyright of Kalle Gustafsson, a photographer you shouldn’t miss if you like good photography.

Just a few weeks ago I started watching the stunning tv series “The Killing” and then I realized how strong Joel Kinnaman’s presence can be. He’s that kind of actor that fills the screen and that eats his partners alive. When he’s on the tv, you can’t look away. You watch him move, talk and just walk and then you just thank god he decided to be an actor.

Joel is a great actor and I really hope he works non stop and makes lots of movies and tv series. And I hope I do get to work with him someday.

If you are interested in the works of photographer Kalle Gusftafsson (you should!), then do not miss his official website, which is full of truly amazing images.

You can get more info on Joel Kinnaman over at IMDB.

All the images on this post are Copyright of their respective authors. I do not own any of them.

Just a few days ago I was saying how much I would love to photograph Eva Green. Actually, I said that If I could only photograph one person in the world, that would have to be actress Eva.

Well, If I had to choose between Eva Green and Anne Hathaway… that would be a big problem for me. As much as I like Eva I like Anne and I’m sure that working with Anne has to be simply amazing. She has a smile that I’m sure can melt your camera in a matter of seconds. And again, that look and those eyes can capture too much magic.

I hope I never have to decide between Eva Green and Anne Hathaway.

The image of Anne Hathaway used in this post is Copyright of photographer Mario Testino. You can see some of this photographer’s amazing works in his official website.

Old video, I know. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching if you haven’t seen it yet. You get to see Terry Richardson at work and that’s always interesting. For sure.

Terry Richardson is one of the reasons that I take pictures. Not the only one or the main one, but sure after seeing Terry’s images, my way of taking pics or considering what kind of images could be taken with a camera changed forever.

There are actually 2 photographers that made me get into the photography business. One is Terry Richardon. The other one is… Nah, I will talk about him on another occasion.

Enjoy the video, it’s pretty cool.

WARNING: The following video contains some nudity, so if you get offended by that, just don’t watch it.

To get more of Terry visit his Official Website, his Diary or his Vimeo Channel.