A few weeks ago I got the assignment to write an article about 10 of the best analog compact cameras the history of photography has witnessed. I wrote it. And it got published in the online photography site QUESABESDE. It is written in Spanish. If you want to take a look at it, just click HERE or in the screen capture below. You might like it.

As I do every single day, today was no different and I went to check THE VERGE, one of the best sites -if not the best- about technology. I love its wonderful design and the tens of articles published there on a daily basis.

Today they talked about an interesting video that shows a day-night tiime-lapse kind of thing. It’s weird, but it’s worth watching.

Created by Philip Stockton, the video is a mix of day and night images from the greatest city on Earth. You can watch the video down here or check THE VERGE article about it.

I just read a great article and If you love photography and photojournalism, good pictures and great stories, you should read it too.

It’s about the Napalm Girl (Kim Phuc) that Nick Ut took in Vietnam, in the town of Trang Bang in the summer of 1972 and how photographer David Burnett missed that shot because he was loading a stubborn Leica famous for being really difficult to load.

Take a look at it HERE.

Today has been a good day. Busy, but good nonetheless. It was actually great now that I think about it.

A few days ago my friend Dani Feixas (movie maker) called me to tell me he was the director of the new music video of world renowned DJ Sak Noel. He had already directed the previous music video of Noel and he was in charge of the new one also.

He called to tell me they needed a photographer on the set and just to see if I was interested in working with them. Sure! I love music and I love taking pictures and I love being on the set of short movies, movies, documentaries and anything movie related that might be interesting to photograph.

It was so much fun to document today’s shooting. I don’t want to spoil anything or talk to much about everything that will appear on the video, but it all starts on what seems a late night TV show like the Conan O’Brian or Jay Leno shows.

The funny thing is that one of the actors couldn’t make it at the shooting today and I ended up acting on the video too! I’m not an actor, I’m just the guy at the back with a camera in his hands, but man, acting was fun today.

I’m not sure when the video is going to be released but I’m pretty sure it’ll be a big success. Until then, here is a photo from the shooting that I took.

One of my tutorials got published yesterday at the photography site CÓMO LA HICE. It is a tutorial about how to turn color images into black and white photos and emulate the Kodak Tri-X 400 film. Again, the tutorial is in Spanish, but the good thing is that it includes a free Photoshop action that you can download and use in any photo you want.

You can take a look at the tutorial HERE. And go to the end of the article to get the link to download the action. Hope you like it.

I wrote a new tutorial in Spanish for the photography site CÓMO LA HICE and this time I included a Photoshop Action that will apply to your images all the steps described in the tutorial.

You can take a look at the tutorial HERE and download the Photoshop Action at the end of the article.

If you feel lazy and just want to download the Photoshop Action and see it working on your images, you can download it HERE.

Please leave a comment below if you downloaded the Action, used it and it worked for you. Let me know if you liked it or hated it with a passion. This Photoshop Action should boost the colors and contrast of your images as well as adding some grain to make it look a little bit like a Kodachrome or Fuji Velvia film slide.

I just published an article over at the photography blog “Cómo la hice” called “Singapore nights“. It features images by photographer Jon Siegel and I can tell you he is one talented artist that knows how to capture light and colors in a way I hadn’t seen for a long time.

As usual, the article is in Spanish, but do take a look at the images and make sure you check Jon Siegels Flickr’s gallery also, it’s packed of beautiful captures.